Munich & Salzburg

Months later I’m finally finding some spare time to update this blog! A lot of new adventures have occurred since February. A few trips have taken place, I’ve met a ton of new and interesting people, and I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way! One huge accomplishment was successfully planning and executing my first independent travel trip!  A friend and I used our first travel break to hit up some unique places. Planning a trip from top to bottom by ourselves was a fun adventure in itself, but we really got to tailor it to our desires and we ended up having a blast!

Munich and Salzburg probably aren’t places that come to people’s mind as top places to go when there are still so many more other “popular” destinations that seem attractive, but we had very specific goals in mind. One was to check off our bucket lists our dream of seeing Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle that inspired the Disney Castle. Located in the Bavarian Alps, we decided that Munich would be the best place to launch from.

Munich City Hall

In Munich we wasted no time beginning what I deemed our “Castle and Palace Trek.” By the end of the trip we ended up seeing 7 different palaces and castles! All of which were amazing and unique in their own way. In Munich we saw the Nymphenburg Palace and Munich Residenz, former palaces for the Bavarian monarchy. Absolutely stunning and worth the visit if you’re in Munich. Munich also has a great collection of art museums and delicious food and beer.

After a day exploring in Munich, we took a guided tour up to Neuschwanstein, stopping at Linderhof Palace and Hohenschwangau Castle on the way. All part of the same family of Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein was definitely my favorite! It was my favorite because it was so different from the rest of the castles and palaces we’ve seen. Decorated more in the Medieval style versus the ornate Baroque that seems to be everywhere, this was truly what I think of when I think of a castle.

Linderhof Palace, Bavarian Alps
Hohenschwangau Castle, Bavarian Alps
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavarian Alps
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavarian Alps


In addition to loving the castles and palaces, the Bavarian Alps were absolutely the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. Pictures could never capture the pure beauty of the nature. An absolute must see in your lifetime.

Bavarian Alps

After Munich we took a train to Salzburg, with an impromptu stop in Priene (halfway between Munich and Salzburg), to see another palace of course! It was a rainy day and quite a trek to get to this one, but absolutely worth it if you’re a castle and palace nut like us. In case you doubted our dedicated to castles and palaces, we walked 20 minutes in rainy weather with our suitcases to get to a boat that would take us to the island that was home to Herrinchiemsee. Once on the island, it was another 15 minute walk slightly uphill (still with our suitcases…) before we reached the palace that was modeled after Versailles. The palace was uncompleted, and thus there really weren’t that many rooms to see, but we ended up having a private tour!

Herrenchiemsee, Priene
Moving in!

After that trek we continued on our way to Salzburg, where our main goal was to see the sights from the Sound of Music! I really didn’t expect much of Salzburg, but absolutely fell in love with the city! The old city center was small but beautiful!! Definitely on my list of favorite cities. We took a Sound of Music tour that took us to some of the film locations, and of course played the soundtrack on our way. A truly happy experience, my friend and I were joined on the tour by 3 other older couples, which made the tour surprisingly fun.

And of course we couldn’t leave Salzburg without seeing a castle! Quite a hike up sits Hohensalzburg castle, which offered breathtaking views of the gorgeous city.

Overall a very successful and very fun trip!! One I’ll remember forever.


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  1. Ashley, this sounds like the trip of a lifetime!! Even if you go back and see all these awesome castles and places, it will never be like this trip!! I’m so happy for you! It’s interesting for me to hear your take on it all too! Helps me see things in a different way! Oh!! You CAN have a lot of fun touring with older couples. Imagine if my husband and I took that tour with you!! Ha ha!! Keep doing as much as possible, and don’t forget to write about it. I’m really enjoying this! Sincerely, Sally

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