Afternoon Adventures at Christiansborg

The skies are grey, and the weather is still frosty, but the snow has melted! It got to the 40s today and I will probably never again be saying this, but that was such a welcomed change!

IMG_5622 (1)Turns out I only had one class today, History of Copenhagen: Structure, Plan, and Design, so I had the rest of the afternoon free to explore! One of my assignments for this history class is to go around inner Copenhagen and explore the different landmarks, learning about their history and trying to imagine what original Copenhagen looked like. Today, a friend and I went and explored Christiansborg, the seat of the Parliament and Queen’s office. It was originally intended to be the place of residence for the royal family, parliament, and supreme court, but the royals loved their castle (Amalienborg) too much to leave, so today it functions as parliament, supreme court, and prime minister’s offices, as well as rooms for the Queen to receive audiences. Unfortunately, this is not the original building, which was demolished.

IMG_5598IMG_5637IMG_5623In addition to admiring the architecture, we went up the tower and got some amazing views of the city! Despite the chilling wind and cloudy skies, it was a fun experience!


On a clear day you can see Sweden from here! 

Denmark has the oldest original monarchy in the world, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the castles.




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  1. Short post this time. 😯


  2. For your assignment, what part of Copenhagen’s history are you focusing on specifically? How do Copenhagen’s judicial system differ from the United States judicial system?


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