What is the Travel Bug?

People are always curious about why we pick the titles we do, whether that be for a band, song, or blog. My inspiration comes from the desire to always discover new places, traveling all over the map making new memories and meeting new people. I’ve always believed that I was born with the travel bug, this intense desire to always be exploring new places, never wanting to stay home for extended periods of time, and having a curious mind that’s always eager to learn about different people and cultures.

But if you don’t have that feeling yet, know that you can catch the travel bug at any point in life. And trust me, it’s a bug that can be contagious and one you hope never goes away! You know you have it when you yearn for more than where you are. That doesn’t mean you never come home, it just means you realize that there’s so much more to learn when you branch out and explore what the rest of the world has to offer. This could be as simple as trying new foods or meeting a group of people different than yourself.

My goals for this blog, along with documenting my own adventures, is to inspire others to want to do the same. For those of you who aren’t huge on travel, are skeptical about new foods, or just aren’t sure where life is taking you, I encourage you to think about what would happen if you gave something new a shot. I’ll admit, it’s not all smooth sailing butterflies to just pick up and leave my home university and all my friends for a full semester, but it’s a dream I’ve had since before I stepped foot onto a college campus and it’s a dream I’m so excited to be fulfilling. I hope all of you can fulfill your own travel dreams as well.



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